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DevOps and security need to become better friends

Organizations embracing the DevOps culture believe it can improve application security, but staff are not yet spending enough time together

How Well Do You Know Your Apps? How to Implement a Continuous Application Monitoring Initiative

As the demand for accelerated application development increases, IT security struggles to keep up. Application security moves further into the realm of monitoring and...

Swift development sees fast uptake since being open sourced

Apple’s language was a huge step up from Objective-C, but a full-stack developer who can do both front end and back end well is still rare breed

Multiple devices mean rapid application development needs to get faster, easier

Lines of business within organizations are also looking to build apps without having the ability code

Breaking the Bottleneck in Test Data

As software continues to revolutionize businesses around the globe, and privacy legislation becomes increasingly more stringent, there’s a critical demand for reliable, compliant, ultra-fast...

Application Development: Are you spending more on test time than show time?

Over 50 per cent of the software development lifecycle is spent on testing, according to recent research by CA Technologies. “That’s like a band that...

Rapid Deployment of Integrated WebSphere Solutions in Your Cloud

Cloud computing is revolutionizing the way organizations provide, manage and use IT services. It builds on efficient infrastructures, improving productivity and helping to reduce...

Shadow IT: good, bad or just ugly?

Does the covert activity really add more risk than value?

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