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The changing threat landscape

Profit-motivated threats such as identity theft and spyware will dominate in 2005+, motivating antivirus vendors to expand detection and repair capability. Rapidly spreading worms and numerous new vulnerabilities and patches will continue to plague organizations that lack automated response procedures through 2008. Largely effective spam-filtering strategies will expand to cover wireless devices and instant messaging in 2005.

New e-mail worm said to be spreading rapidly

Antivirus software vendors are reporting that a new worm written to take advantage of Microsoft Corp.'s Outlook e-mail software is quickly spreading itself by luring unsuspecting users to open an attachment that supposedly contains a "really cool" Web page.

CERT warns of worm that infects Solaris servers

A new Internet worm that can infect Web servers running Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Solaris operating system and Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Information Server (IIS) has been discovered.

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