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Durham College to participate in siberXchange Live summit

Durham College, a partner and sponsor of SiberX, is participating in the siberXchange Live Summit this week to showcase new opportunities in autonomous vehicle and cybersecurity research. 

Sidewalk Labs pulls the plug on smart city project

Despite signs that a high-tech, sensor-laden neighbourhood was going to be a reality in Toronto’s east downtown waterfront after successful negotiations between Sidewalk Labs and Waterfront Toronto in October, the Google-affiliated development company is pulling the plug on the entire project.

What’s ahead for Sidewalk Labs development in 2019?

OPINION It is now possible that the Sidewalk Labs - Waterfront Toronto partnership intended to play a key role in the development of more than...

How does California’s tough new data privacy law affect Canadian businesses?

While reading about the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018, passed at the end of June, Canadian business leaders may be wondering how they're going to comply with another foreign privacy law, but a leading expert says they have little to worry about.

Federal government launches consultations for national data strategy

Privacy experts applaud the greater attention on data privacy, but some wonder if there's really any hope of putting this genie back in the lamp.

Google Duplex broke the Turing test and leaps across the uncanny valley

Good thing that some top minds are talking AI ethics, because Google Duplex just beat the Turing test.

Holding AI accountable: public leaders organize to ensure algorithms influencing government are ethical

As AI becomes more accessible and its impact on society grows, Canada's public policy leaders are organizing to make sure AI ethics are front and centre.

Sidewalk Toronto commits to Privacy by Design principles amid citizen concerns

Torontonians at the Sidewalk Toronto roundtable meeting raised concerns about privacy as the smart city developer spoke about the principles that would guide its approach.

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