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COVID-19: Lessons learned by enterprises during the remote work era

When Mother Nature blanketed the Greater Toronto Area with layers of snow and ice in late 2018, 20,000 TD employees found themselves working from...

Why security is the top issue for DevOps teams in 2017

Building security into the DevOps process is critical for both application integrity and saving time, but not without its own challenges.

Is Runtime Application Self-Protection the key ingredient for more secure software development?

Just as DevOps has developers supporting the apps they create, RASP has developers integrating security rather than handing it off to another team

Multiple devices mean rapid application development needs to get faster, easier

Lines of business within organizations are also looking to build apps without having the ability code

ThoughtWorks adds dependency management to Mingle for fast scaling of agile development

Development teams don't need to abandon their preferred work styles, but all stakeholders can have a complete view of a project and the impact of any change

Here’s why you should put developers on the front lines

There is still a structural gap between developers and operations, but by putting developers on call, they get a better understanding of the impact of their code

Mattias Ulbrich, CIO of Audi and the 2015 EU CIO of the Year talks innovation

This summer at the CIO CITY summit hosted by CIO NET (5000+ CIOs), I chaired the discussion with CIO of the Year winners. A standout...

Tangerine taps startup thinking at IBM’s DMZ-based Bluemix Garage

CIO offers advice on how to benefit from the cloud-focused developer environment based at Ryerson University that allows large enterprise to build apps without usual constraints

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