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Hashtag Trending Feb. 9th- AI brings competition in the search business; Google unveils search capabilities and Bing refuses to write cover letter

Can AI make Microsoft’s search engine a real competitor to Google?  Google unveils search capabilities based on AI enablement and can AI have more...

Hashtag Trending Dec 20 – IRS releases private data; Big tech tops list for companies with low retention rates; South Australia powers with green...

The IRS accidentally releases private data, Amazon and Reddit hit the list for companies with the lowest retention rates, and South Australia powers the...

Succeeding in the post-COVID world of work

A chief information officer (CIO) can lead their organization as it changes to succeed in the revised post-COVID world of work. The most significant...

Zoom records low shares in post pandemic era

Zoom Video Communications shares have fallen roughly 90 per cent since their pandemic peak in October 2020, and things are starting to look a little different as the year comes to a close.

Zoom cuts annual revenue forecast due to economy and rivalry

Zoom has reduced its annual revenue forecast because the video-conferencing platform expects a hit from declining online business and competitions from rival video conferencing platforms.

Zoom unveils innovations at Zoomtopia 2022

Yesterday, communications technology company Zoom kicked off its annual Zoomtopia event, where the company announced several innovations designed to bolster modern work experiences. “As global...

Attacker use fake Zoom email to compromise Microsoft user data

The ongoing pandemic of account spoofing and phishing attacks has knocked on the door of Zoom Technology, targeting over 21,000 users of a national healthcare company and bypassing Microsoft Exchange’s email security.

Spending on cloud and on-premise collaboration nears $15 billion per quarter

According to a report by Synergy Research Group, spending on premise and cloud collaboration has increased by 8 per cent from 2021 onwards and is now approaching $15 billion per quarter.

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