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Hashtag Trending Feb.1- ; OpenAI releases tool to detect machine-written text, Paypal lays off 2000 workers, Canadians discover power draining flaw

OpenAI releases tool to detect machine-written text, Paypal lays off 2000 workers, Canadian team discovers power draining flaw in laptops and phones batteries.   That’s all...

PayPal notifies customers of breach

PayPal is notifying nearly 35,000 users that their accounts had been compromised between December 6 and 8.

Coffee Briefing November 1, 2022 – App store grosses $65 billion; Telus acquires WillowTree; PayPal launches Passkeys; and more

Coffee Briefings are timely deliveries of the latest ITWC headlines, interviews, and podcasts. Today’s Coffee Briefing is delivered by IT World Canada’s editorial team! Missed...

PayPal allows Apple users to replace passwords with passkeys

PayPal is saying goodbye to passwords on Apple devices and introducing new industry standard passkeys that allow password-free login on Apple devices.

PayPal overturns policy to punish customers for misinformation

After fiercely condemning its plan, PayPal has overturned a policy that imposes a $2,500 fine on users who spread misinformation or post content deemed inappropriate by the payment platform.

Digital payment technology empowering next-gen consumers worldwide

Present-day fintech and digital payment solutions are at the forefront of empowering consumers, particularly the younger generation who demand hyper-personalized solutions.

Amazon Will Add A Venmo Checkout Option In 2022

Announcing its third-quarter revenue, PayPal said that retail giant Amazon will introduce a Venmo checkout option for users in the U.S.

PayPal Release Q3 Report, Adds 13.3 Million Useres

PayPal ended the third quarter on a high as the company reported net revenue of $6.18 billion and strong user growth with 13.3 million new users.

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