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Data Privacy Day: The 10 biggest privacy fines imposed (so far)

  For Data Privacy Week, here's a look at the ten largest privacy fines imposed as of Jan. 27, 2023. This list includes multinational household names...

Sidebar: PIPEDA’s ‘No-go’ zones for businesses

A summation of what businesses can and can't do under Canada's national privacy law

Outgoing Canadian privacy commissioner critical of companies, Ottawa in final speech

In his final speech to a Canadian privacy conference Daniel Therrien also called again for a rights-based privacy law

Privacy Commissioner’s bulletin helps Canadian firms handle sensitive personal information

Documents pulls together court and OPC rulings on what sensitive information could include and how it should be treated

Avoid pitfalls of GDPR in Canada’s new privacy law, government told

With the government promising another attempt to update PIPEDA, the Canadian Marketing Association says GRPR isn't an ideal model

Companies that ‘sweep data breaches under the rug’ are paying a huge price, says KPMG

Media coverage is still what prompts several Canadian organizations to respond effectively to data breaches, not the country’s privacy legislation, according to KPMG’s Imraan Bashir.

EU ruling on US agreement may nudge Canada to update our privacy law: Cavoukian

Court ruling on the EU-US Data Protection Shield may affect Canada, including pushing Ottawa to update PIPEDA

Gartner says nearly half of privacy compliance technology to rely on AI by 2023

More than 40 per cent of privacy compliance technology will rely on artificial intelligence by 2023, a five per cent increase from today, according...

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