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QuickBlox app developers urged to update platform to close serious holes

Researchers at CheckPoint Software and Claroty found holds that could allow hackers to take over apps and steal personal information

Fake websites impersonating link to ChatGPT pose high risk: Check Point Research

New findings from Check Point Research (CPR), the research arm of Check Point Software Technologies, have revealed there are multiple ways cybercriminals can deceive...

New ransomware strain believed to be fastest at executing encryption

Called Rorschach, it first goes after Windows domain controllers to create group poliices to spread across IT networks

Remcos Trojan back on Check Point’s top 10 list of global threats

Check Point Software Technologies’ Global Threat Index for February has seen Remcos Trojan return to the top 10 list for the first time since...

‘AI revolution’ firmly entrenched in Check Point’s orbit, CPX360 reveals

Itai Greenberg, chief strategy officer with Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., has what some might consider the unenviable task of annually having to present...

Cybercrooks starting to use ChatGPT, say researchers

Analysts at Check Point Software discovery threads on criminal forums discussing how to leverage the AI chatbot

Log4j2 vulnerability one year later: ‘It is still being exploited’

Lingering from 2021 and expected to be a worry for years, IT and security pros still have to face the Log4j2 hole. Read what they should be doing

As Canadians start travelling more, security risks increase

As people engage in more travel, both for personal reasons and work trips, in the coming months, travellers may face more cybersecurity risks. Check...

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