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Hashtag Trending Nov. 21 – Tesla recall; Twitter could crash; New Google Maps features

Tesla recalls over 300,000 vehicles, could this be the end of Twitter? And new Google Maps features allow users to find EV chargers and...

Hashtag Trending Nov.17-Taylor Swift crashes Ticketmaster; FTX owes a million people; Google awards security researcher

Demand for Taylor Swift tickets overwhelms Ticketmaster, FTX owes more than a million people money, and Google awards researchers for finding a bug in...

Android 14 to enable smartphones connect directly to satellites

Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google’s senior vice president of platforms and ecosystems, has hinted at the possibility that the next version of Android could connect directly to satellites.

Is a spy app collecting data from your phone?

Recent testimony to a Canadian federal government committee revealed that the RCMP has been using “on-device investigation tools” (ODITs), or spy apps, with judicial...

85 per cent of Android users are concerned about their privacy

According to data collected by Kaspersky’s Privacy Checker website, 85 per cent of Android users are interested in understanding how to set up privacy settings on their device.

Attackers develop BugDrop malware to bypass Android security features

Researchers have uncovered an Android trojan called BugDrop.

T-Mobile Accused Of Selling Customers’ App Usage Data

According to AdExchanger, T-Mobile has started selling its customers’ app usage data to third-party advertisers.

Hashtag Trending May 11 – Apple says goodbye to the iPod Touch; Big tech companies face lawsuits from Russia; Tech companies laying off employees

Apple will discontinue its iPod Touch, big tech companies face lawsuits for pulling services in Russia, and tech companies are laying off employees due...

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