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Hashtag Trending Apr.17-First U.S. state bans TikTok; New Windows update; First policy to eliminate jobs in favour of AI leaked to Bloomberg

Montana becomes the first state to ban TikTok, Is that Windows update slowing you down? And the first official policy to eliminate jobs in...

The most Googled 3D printing questions of 2022

3D printing experts have analyzed Google search data to reveal the most searched 3D printing questions of 2022, highlighting a growing interest in...

Hashtag Trending July 26 – Australian companies stop use of facial recognition tech; U.S. social media laws; Intel and MediaTek agreement

Australian retailers stop the use of facial recognition technology, more American states are working on laws to control social media, and Intel announces that...

How one company is powering 3D printing through cloud

Much of the talk around transformation at the dawn of the fourth industrial era is centred on pieces like AI and connected everything. But...

Hashtag Trending April 19 – Senator questions Intuit; Windows toolbox malware; and U.S. military prints barracks

Elizabeth Warren slams Intuit for misleading tax filers, a popular windows toolbox script is actually malware, and the U.S. military contracts a 3D printing company to build training facilities.

Canada to get first-of-its-kind 3D printed housing project in Leamington, Ontario

Invest WindsorEssex, economic development organization for the Windsor-Essex region, has showcased the simulated design of a 3D printed home

Deeper Dive: Scenarios: A how-to guide (Episode 3)

Hosts Jim Love, CIO for ITWC, and Doug Sparkes, a lecturer at the Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business, keep things lively in this 20-minute podcast devoted to the importance of understanding which events in the business environment are inevitable and which are uncertain

COVID-19 is not an excuse for poor ethics with 3D printers

The UK government is asking 3D printers to manufacture parts for medical equipment. The companies that reply are quoted as saying things like:

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