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TD Bank announces immersive VR experiences for colleagues and customers

TD Bank (TD) has announced that it has launched multiple immersive experiences, using virtual reality (VR) to provide interactive engagement for customers and colleagues....

TCS futurist predicts big things in 2023 for ‘digital twins’ movement

Of the many predictions that have been released for this year, none could potentially be more impactful to society as a whole than the...

Leveraging the power of interactive experiences in retail

Product imagery, done right, can drive retail sales into the stratosphere. But as many companies know, product imagery “done right” is done for less....

Million-dollar mining competition winner could signal a seismic shift for the industry

Goldcorp Inc.'s second #DisruptMining accelerator challenge had several impressive finalists, but it was Acoustic Zoom and its mobile sesi that ultimately won.

Hashtag Trending – 3D holograms now possible, Google Chrome mutes annoying sites, Apple dives into healthcare

Scientists figure out how to project 3D images into thin air, Google Chrome now lets you mute annoying websites, and Apple’s latest operating system update lets you save all your medical records.

How 3D printing could change your company

The 3D printing market is set for rapid growth, and a lot of the action will be in the industrial sector. How could your company make use of it?

HP brings 3D to your desktop

Las Vegas -- With its Blended Reality vision, Hewlett-Packard Co. is looking to break down the barriers between the physical world and the digital...

Photoshop update to push enterprise 3D printing

Designers can now create models in 3D from scratch or refine existing 3D models using familiar Photoshop tools

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