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Four words summarized cybersecurity in 2020: COVID-19, ransomware, Twitter, and SolarWinds

COVID, ransomware, Twitter and SolarWinds summarize what was perhaps the worst year in cybersecurity. Read why

Deloitte’s 2020 TMT Predictions: 5G’s impact on healthcare will be significant

Expect heavy-duty AI capabilities in your pocket this year thanks to explosive growth in the 5G market, according to Deloitte's annual TMT predictions, growth that will be felt by all industries, especially healthcare.

Cybersecurity in Canada 2019: It was an ‘awesome’ year for attackers

Our annual year in review and look ahead to 2020 finds organizations still making avoidable mistakes

Year in review: Cyber incidents in 2019, predictions for 2020

A look at some of the biggest data breaches across the globe, and predictions for the coming year

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