When attackers hold your data hostage: Addressing today’s security threats


    Security threats are continuously evolving, and so are cybercriminals who are advancing how they can access your private data. It’s up to your company to reduce the risk of falling victim to malware, ransomware and other attacks that prove harmful to your business.

    Cisco understands that providing adequate security on and offline is a daunting task for organizations, and that enterprises need to push for better security and focus on threats that penetrate their networks. Cisco, along with ITWC, have armed organizations with knowledge in the form of whitepapers, reports, case studies and more, so companies can protect their infrastructure with tried and true methods. You can explore how to defend your data center, how to detect an attack and strengthen your security strategy with your pick of resources.

    The Cisco 2016 Midyear Cybersecurity Report examines the many ways organizations can and should take action to start improving their defenses with up-to-date infrastructure and operating systems. Deterring product breaches also depends on leveraging the right tools, like the Breach Detection Systems Test Report, so your company isn’t caught off-guard with an unknown attack. With the help of first-generation network security devices, and the Cisco whitepaper Buying Criteria for Next Generation Security, your organization can gain more control and multi layer threat protection in a single device.

    Don’t wait to become a victim of a cyber threat to learn about it. Take concrete steps to prevent your network from infection.
    View Cisco’s IT Security Knowledge Hub for an arsenal of tools your organization can’t do without

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