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When thinking of digital transformation in healthcare, many think of a doctor’s expanding toolbox, a game-changing new drug or perhaps some incredible new surgical instrument. Others might think of apps, noticing the recent tripling of the number of medical apps available. However, when it comes to the “street-level” of how healthcare professionals do their job, and most importantly how they deliver top-quality care to their patients, the digitization within the healthcare vertical is definitely worth exploring with one of the primary focuses in this staged process being the diagnosis. This first step starts with the diagnostic tools on the clinical level where accuracy is key.

The answer to the question of why digital medical displays are so important has multiple parts, including but not limited to:

  • Reliable storage, fast retrieval — Healthcare establishments are moving away from the analog world of paper records and reports in favour of the cloud. This gives both medical practitioners and their patients the assurance that records and other vital pieces of information are secure and accessible 24/7 from anywhere.
  • Security plus — In a world where safety and security are critical, digital medical displays connected to Picture Archiving Communication System- (PACS) and Hospital Information System (HIS)-based patient information management ensure tight security while offering a higher level of work efficiency.
  • Location independence — The new breed of cloud-connected digital medical displays not only empower mobile medical practitioners (ie. paramedics at the site of an injury or in-ambulance taking a patient to hospital) but also give healthcare professionals access to records and reports from their homes or offices by using a mobile device.

LG has a long history of delivering appliances and TVs that routinely outperform competitor offerings by many measures and by popular reviews. This puts LG in the unique position of knowing how to deliver on both quality and utility — to create innovative products that solve problems.

As tech-savvy consumers become patients, they expect a higher quality of healthcare. As their push for improved medical technology grows, so too does the importance of high-quality screens and devices that are capable of delivering vital information quickly and securely.

LG’s range of digital medical displays, from clinical and diagnostic displays to surgical monitors and digital X-ray detectors, are optimized for the needs and usage environments of a variety of medical user types, from doctors and nurses to radiologists and administrative staff.

LG’s digital medical display solutions help medical professionals deal with situations from pre-treatment to convalescent or palliative care. Here is a sample scenario that showcases LG’s digital medical display solutions at their most useful:

  1. Patient suffers compound fracture of both legs in skiing accident. Responding medical personnel use LG’s Digital X-Ray Detector. Cloud computing allows for easy and quick data transfer, with images going from mobile display to the hospital within seconds.
  2. Patient brought to ER. Hospital staff use 8MP Clinical Review Monitor to access images from the CT Control Room, the Consulting Room, and the Teleradiology Office. Cloud computing comes to the forefront once again, with the result being a seamless workflow between medical staff members.
  3. Patient taken to surgery. LG’s 4K Surgical Monitor with Quad PBP helps make surgical procedure go more smoothly. This high-res monitor provides accuracy, user convenience, and reliability for precise surgery.

Quality medical care calls for the utmost precision and the full embrace of the best and most precise technology available. This is where LG comes in. LG digital medical displays give healthcare institutions the information they need to save lives.

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Sponsored By: LG

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