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The Canadian government “Can Do”

Published: February 1st, 2012 By: Glenn Weir


For most, words like “dynamic” and “innovative” don’t immediately spring to mind when the Government of Canada comes up in conversation. Quite the opposite, in fact. Of late, however, it has been making some noise in the emerging tech and innovation department.

As an entity with an automatic relationship with every single Canadian citizen, you might say the Government is the envy of the business world. However, that relationship also automatically makes the Government a lightning rod for people’s tough, sometimes unreasonable, criticism. The emergence of digital technology, with its creation of an expectant and demanding breed of user, has only intensified that criticism.

Far from shrinking from the moment, the Government’s response to the increased pressure of public expectation has been to take a “Can Do” attitude. Watch “Digital Government | AWS” to find out more: