Robust digital preservation comes to Canada

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In the age of subscription-based services and disposable product there is a critical challenge to address: How do I keep digital files alive forever?

Until recently, terms like “digital preservation” and “digital transformation” sounded to most people like the stuff of science fiction novels. But of late, like many things in the technological realm, the fantastical has become not only possible but abundantly do-able.

“More than 2,500 professionals have signed up to our Starter edition platform since we launched in 2020,” said Mike Quinn, CEO of Preservica. “The Preservica community is protecting and future-proofing 350M+ digital documents, images, videos, audio recordings, websites, and other assets comprising 1000+ file formats. These digital collections are a vital resource for cultural, academic, government, and corporate institutions, now and for generations to come.”

Built for today’s challenges

Since the spread of the global pandemic in early 2020, remote working and online access to digital materials has become a critical component of the workplace environment for many Canadian companies and government institutions. Preservica’s Starter edition provides the capability to archive up to 5 gigabytes (GB) of material for free – quickly and easily – and with the assurance that the system and data are hosted in Canada. With 5GB for free, organizations can upload a significant amount of content such as:

  • 35,000 Word documents
  • 5,000 PDF documents
  • 5,000 JPEG files
  • 300 Hi-resolution TIFF files
  • 200 MP3 files
  • 30 MP4 files

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Sign up for Preservica Starter and the Canadian Practical Digital Preservation and Training Series

For those organizations that outgrow Starter, low-cost upgrades are available.

Beyond the obvious benefit of long-term content protection, Preservica Starter allows information professionals like you to:

  • Share content, providing access to digital collections on-demand, freeing up time you would have spent handling information requests
  • Accelerate your digital knowledge and preservation skills through training and platform use
  • Connect with a vibrant global user community – learn and collaborate with the world’s largest community of digital preservation experts and practitioners
Get up to speed

Preservica understands that not everyone has expert-level skills or hands-on experience when it comes to digital preservation. Preservica has put together a four-part virtual training series specifically for Canadians to address this need. Participants will hear from current Preservica clients such as Library and Archives Canada, City of Red Deer, Preservica experts, and more.

  1. Digital Preservation 101 – Thursday, Jul 7 – Core pillars of digital preservation
  2. Essentials Skills – Thursday, Jul 14 – Basic exploration of preservation and fundamentals
  3. Building the Business Case – Thursday, Aug 4 – Impressing and convincing stakeholders
  4. Preparing for the Future – Thursday, Aug 18 – Future-proofing with digital preservation

“This is our way of ensuring practitioners embark on this aspect of their digital journey on the right foot,” said Alaine Behler, Vice President of North America Marketing. “We’ve made the whole thing really easy – register for our Starter edition and you’ll be automatically enrolled in our Canadian training series. Good luck.”

Explore Preservica Starter

Sign up for Preservica Starter and the Canadian Practical Digital Preservation and Training Series


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