How can companies really succeed with data analytics?

In part two of this interview series, Tina Groves, Big Data and Analytics Product Strategist at IBM provides concrete examples...

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Discover the state-of-the-art workspace that is mobile, virtual, and secure!

Powering Mobile Workspaces What does the future of work look like? Working in the office, from home, on a train...

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Internet of Things Canada IDC

Dundee Precious Metals Quadruples Production with Internet of Everything

In Field of Dreams, the message was: “if you build it, they will come”. With the Internet of Things, the...

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Video: CIOs take a new look at the strategic value of networks

Have networks changed? Or is the way we think about them changing? There is a resurgence of focus on networks....

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A new local SoftLayer data centre solves data residency issues and drives better business performance

Cloud is here —from reducing hardware and software expenditures and time-to-market, to provisioning and managing critical services such as storage...

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Canadian Money

Bank & Finance IT Canada 3rd oct 2014, Park Hyatt Toronto conference

We are pleased to announce the inaugural Bank & Finance - IT Conference Canada, 3rd October 2014, PARK HYATT -TORONTO...

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Morgan Stanley and TechnoMontréal to Hold C++ Tech Talk in Montreal on October 7

Bjarne Stroustrup to discuss “The Essence of C++” MONTREAL – September 8, 2014 – Morgan Stanley today announced that Bjarne...

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Ten tips for more secure sofware

Defending Industrial Control Systems Against Cyberthreats

Vigilance and diligence around cyber security is something many CIOs regard as pivotal activities – recognizing that staying on top...

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Real Life Examples – Value Derived from Big Data

???In this series of videos, senior executive professionals ?discuss their experiences with Big Data Analytics and how they are putting...

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