Microsoft Build 2016

Microsoft continues to focus on enabling developers to do amazing work as businesses and industries transform in support of the...

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The New Way to Broker IT in the Era of Disruption

You lead a diverse and complex IT environment that spans multiple delivery models, vendors and processes. Security and governance are...

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Building a Resilient Enterprise in the Era of Disruption

In the digital era, a critical first step in building a resilient infrastructure is understanding the threats that make your...

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stakeholders working together as a team

Bettering the world with technology

Third Octet Inc., a collaborative and cost-effective technology solutions provider for digital transformation, announced today that Norrie Davidson has become...

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Tethered to the launchpad? Webinar explores way to find lift-off

Every cloud may have a silver lining, but for a growing number of companies, the cloud is also creating an...

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Is your top 1% actually your weakest link?

2015 saw Barbie get hacked, “smart” homes turn against their owners and most infamously, subscribers on the Ashley Madison website...

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Break free of legacy infrastructure with a managed services strategy

Most businesses run a diverse set of applications -- and it is this unique set that requires a personalized profile...

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How managed network solutions can help you meet high user expectations [webinar]

How managed network solutions can help you meet high user expectations [webinar]

When you give an employee a smartphone or other wireless technology, you’re not just giving them a way to stay...

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Operational decision management for dummies

Operational decision management for dummies

Featured Download Engage Business Users in Process Improvement with IBM Blueworks Live Your business rules are hidden in your applications...

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