Let relieve the stress of management


    Some IT companies choose to go the direct route, making significant investments of money, time, and resources in order to meet the requirements for reselling cloud services. The majority, however, become indirect cloud services providers and leave the heavy lifting to a trusted 2-Tier distributor like Quebec’s

    The beauty of working with as a distributor for products, such as Office 365, begins with installation and migration. The real rewards kick in with management support for training, licensing, renewals, upgrades, and security. Other pluses include avoiding complex and costly system integrations, enjoying an accelerated time to market, and gaining easy access to infrastructure and support.

    Five Top Ways Brings Peace of Mind to Managers

    Reduce Stress and Save Money
    As one of only six 2-Tier distributors in Canada, and the recipient of the 2017 Best Cloud Distributor Award, is uniquely positioned to relieve the strain of providing IT resources. Partners benefit from increased flexibility, a smaller investment in infrastructure, and the experience of a trusted and highly skilled advisor – all while maintaining their autonomy in provisioning, pricing, invoicing, support and customer renewal. There are distinct advantages for businesses of all sizes, but the greatest benefits go to small businesses, most of which have limited IT resources and can’t afford to fall behind. Large businesses may suffer when they experience IT outages and other technology problems. Small businesses can fail.

    Stretch the Backup Budget
    With so much potential for cyberattacks, system-wide disruption and damaged brand reputation, it pays to leverage the experience and resources of one trusted partner to protect the assets that keep a business up and running. With, partners can rest easy knowing their backed-up data is safe and accessible 24/7 in Canadian SAS 70-certified centers with firewall protection. Choose from two low-cost, online backup solutions – ProBackup and LTBackup – or opt for SBackup, a solution that comes with 100% proactive supervision and verification. Professional technicians issue a daily report by email and, at the partner’s direction, will send it to the partner and/or client. Technicians will also call the partner and/or client by phone if a problem occurs. Again, the point of contact is at the partner’s discretion.

    Access Experts Without Putting Them on the Payroll
    Disruptive technologies place new requirements on existing IT resource people, many of whom are unprepared to take full advantage of cloud computing. From installation and migration to managing technology infrastructure, has specialized technicians for every cloud solution they offer. In addition to ensuring the highest level of expertise, this frees up unofficial IT resource people to focus on what they do best, thereby increasing productivity and boosting the bottom line.

    Sleep Soundly
    Someone has to be awake at the wheel, and it might as well be Partners have high praise for being able to get the support they need, whenever they need it. By taking a proactive approach, identifies potential difficulties and addresses them before they become issues. When a problem does arise, skilled technicians are always available – day and night.

    Enjoy One Stop Shopping
    Managing and supporting customer subscriptions is quick and easy with’s distinctive array of cloud services and applications. Beginning with registration, the user-friendly portal is an intuitive, one-stop shopping experience that makes it simple to add new clients, make sales, access support, and keep on top of industry trends. Unique 5-star offerings include customizable marketing tools, expert IT consulting, continuous training, and support for business development. Partners pay for the business solutions they need and handles software licenses, renewals and upgrades. Bills sent to clients, at the request of partners, contain upfront client brand identifiers, such as logos and taglines.

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