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    The workplace has no walls. And that’s good for productivity.

    Thought leaders have been preaching the benefits of an anywhere, anytime work infrastructure—efficiency, productivity, better work-life balance—for many years, whether they called it a remote workforce, telecommuting, or a “road warrior” scenario.

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    The mobile workforce manifests itself in a number of ways:

    • Distributed call centres allow an enterprise to have a bank of operators without a physical footprint;
    • “Hoteling” operations—in which employees are not assigned a fixed desk and are expected to work offsite the majority of their time—save real estate overhead. One major enterprise recently reduced the physical footprint of its operations by two thirds by adopting this strategy;
    • Staff can operate in the field, efficiently connecting with the office and spending time going from site to site, rather than back and forth to the office.

    A number of technologies are enabling the workplace without walls. Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) allows employees to access a stable, consistent work environment from any device, anywhere, with the added advantage of enterprise-class security within a data centre. The smart phone app revolution can put the power of enterprise applications onto a user’s hands, on the device of his or her choice. Tablet computers blend the portability of the smart phone with the screen space and power of a laptop computer.

    Join us at Citrix Mobility Toronto on October 22 to learn from the experts how to bring the power of mobility to bear on your business. We’ll discuss:

    • Best practices for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies that protect sensitive information while allowing employees access to the applications and data that they need in the field;
    • The latest in enterprise mobility trends;
    • How an integrated approach to mobile management can increase productivity.

    As a bonus, meet guest speaker and National Hockey League icon Wendel Clark, longtime hero to the Toronto Maple Leafs Nation.
    Citrix has been a pioneer in the mobile workforce industry since 1989. Register today for Citrix Mobility Toronto to learn how to leverage today’s mobile technology to wring more productivity out of your enterprise.

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