How to serve your business needs with the latest in IBM platforms


    First-generation technologies are slowing down your progress, especially in this digital age. Modernizing your organization’s infrastructure with successful technologies help make the transition to a more secure and able IT environment a simpler task. With IBM’s fleet of solutions and integrated systems, your business can rest assured that its data and analytics are in the right hands.

    The white paper Just the facts: Four critical concepts for planning the logical data warehouse explores the four key facts you need to know to help you make the right choice when choosing a logical data warehouse. It also explores how IBM PureData® System for Analytics N3001 is changing the game for data warehouse appliances. This high-performance system makes data more easily accessible and integrates database, server, storage and advanced analytic capabilities into a single, easy-to-manage system. Download this white paper to learn why evaluating your data warehouse options is essential for your business.

    Organizations also need to be sure that users are not seeing data that they shouldn’t. Poor data governance can result in serious regulatory and security infractions. Self-service users can also be presented too much information that inhibits actionable insight. The report The Landscape of Self Service Analytics examines the best practices of organizations with high levels of self-service analytics and highlights the positive effects of empowering a large percentage of BI users. Using survey data from over 560 organizations with varying degrees of self-service maturity in their Business Intelligence (BI) deployments, this report can help identify how your organization can be more independent. Read the full report here

    Don’t let your valuable data fall through the cracks. Manage your organization’s analytics with IBM’s help.

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