Boosting collaboration amidst budget reductions


    A recent report from IDC predicts that Canadian businesses and government will cut $415 million from ICT spending this year, which may drive greater adoption of standardization. But where will these projected budget cuts leave organizations badly in need of a refresh of their communications and collaboration tools?

    Cloud-based collaboration may be the solution to not only maintaining top-notch collaboration capabilities in a budget crunch but to actually boost them, according to Aleem Mohummed, responsible for cloud collaboration program management at TELUS.

    In the paper “Lifting collaboration to new heights”, Mohummed presents how organizations reluctant to make significant capital expenditures after the economic downturn of 2008 and 2009, but still faced with relentless two-year cycles of new and improved collaboration technologies, are looking to the cloud to solve the budget crunch, while enhancing productivity and innovation.

    Mohummed discusses how cloud collaboration offers the ability for organizations to predictably manage costs and pay only for capabilities they need, and importantly to cost-effectively keep up with best-in-class technology and BYOD environments. He’s not alone in recognizing this. A 2013 study by Forrester determined that two-thirds of businesses plan to leverage the cloud to either replace (26 per cent) or complement (41 per cent) their existing collaboration tools.

    But, as Mohummed shows, migrating to a cloud collaboration environment is not without some serious considerations. Download Lifting collaboration to new heights to learn more about how to best leverage cloud collaboration to improve innovation, bring faster upgrades and speed implementations in your organization.

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