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2025 : What’s Possible in an IoT-enabled workplace [Infographic]

Published: December 18th, 2017 By: Steve Proctor


Gazing into the future to make realistic predictions can be tricky business. (Just ask those who predicted we’d all have a portable helicopter in our driveways by 2015) That does not mean it’s not worth looking at the existing landscape and projecting forward to figure out where the road may be leading.

In this What’s Possible infographic, we explore the impact AI and IoT might have in the workplace by 2025.

It’s almost a certainty that more of us will be working in virtual offices, connecting by mobile voice-activated devices. In the office hierarchy, rapid advances in artificial intelligence will give rise to “invisible robots and chatbots” that will be doing some of the repetitive and mundane tasks now being carried out by call centres and pools of clerical workers.

There’s every indication online shopping will continue to grow, forcing brick and mortar retailers to change the customer experience. Look for VR and AR headsets as fixtures that will allow customers to access “virtual inventory.”

In medicine, AI will be used to review x-rays, CATscans and digital tests to diagnose a growing number of medical conditions.  Check out the stories and other infographics in the What’s Possible series sponsored by AWS.