Predictions 2012

Each year, the IT World Canada editorial staff locks itself in a boardroom, dissects the year that was and prognosticates on the year to come. It’s an hour of reflection, discussion, argument, passive-aggression and often foul language. This is the first in a series of three more-or-less verbatim transcripts of our 2011 round table, with the hemming, hawing and name-calling excised for the sake of readability.
Our editorial panel’s year-end discussion of what to look forward to in 2012 begins with predictions on what will become of former Canadian tech darling Research in Motion.
Predictions 2012: Does Google Plus get big?
Our year-end editorial round table turns its gaze on Google’s burgeoning social networking platform. Will it be the network of choice in 2012?
Predictions 2012: Buzzwords and BYOD
The third of three parts in our editorial round table series focuses on the future of the bring-your-own-device phenomenon in 2012. User strike or IT backlash?
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