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Visualization is one of the newest buzzwords in IT, a multi-syllable moniker for ‘making data easier to comprehend.’

In theory dashboards should be the solution, which is why they are proliferating. But according to Dan Woods, editor of CITO Research, that’s exactly the problem.

In most organizations there’s a crisis of business intelligence dashboards, he writes. Once a dashboard has been created that the user is satisfied with, then things go swimingly.

But dealing with multiple dashboards defeats the advantage.

Woods suggests combining natural language queries and semantics — such as sued by IBM Watson and Microsoft’s Power BI for Office 365 — could be a solution.

Unfortunately, he says, Microsoft’s way is hand-crafting the semantic model, which could become a bottleneck.Ideally, Woods says, a solution automatically or with machine learning assistance should creates semantic models.

But, he argues, there may be enough tools around now that a good enough solution can be fashioned.

It may take a bit to get his drift, but it’s worth considering.

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