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Got a new tablet or smart phone for the holidays? You can put it to good use by compiling a list of resolutions for the new year. Michele Chubirka of Network Computing came up with half a dozen security-related promises you should be considering.

–Arguably the number one vow to make is to encrypt more data – and not necessarily because government electronic spy agencies are rooting around seemingly interested in anything they can siphon.

“I’m still horrified by stories of unencrypted data that’s been compromised,” Chubirka writes.

So are we.

–Speaking of spy agencies, Chubirka says you should put those stories into perspective. Focus on known dangers to the organization, she advises.

–Improve communications with staff and users. “Let’s cultivate respectful methods of collaboration, which will encourage our user community to work with us as partners in security initiatives,” she says.

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