Software as a service (Saas) has become one of the driving forces in the enterprise, with organizations increasingly looking for ways to take advantage of cloud-based services.

So it’s no surprise that Chris Kanaracus writes in PC World that 2014 will see a number of significant changes.

Among them:

–multitenancy will fade away as a major talking point among SaaS vendors thanks to a number of moves by major suppliers;

–the possibility of so-called hybrid SaaS applications that can be deployed either on premise or in the cloud could emerge next year. Oracle Corp. says its Fusion Applications can be deployed this way.

It isn’t clear, however, if many customers are interested in the idea;

–a race to build more data centres. Because of privacy or local storage laws (perhaps accelerated by the revelations of former NSA contractor Edward Snowden?) many SaaS providers will be offering to host their applications outside the U.S.;

–and, to the benefit of customers, on-premise software vendors will work harder to keep customers from shifting to SaaS competitors;

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