Parse, the developer of cloud-based cross platform services and tools that was recently acquired by social media giant Facebook, has added analytics and a set of new tools to its offering.

The enhancements were announced at the Parse Developer Day summit in Sans Francisco on Thursday.

The analytics service will provide developers with a dashboard that measures custom-designated events against data being tracked by Parse.

In addition, Parse is also adding new cloud modules that will integrate the company’s apps with third-party services.

Facebook acquired Parse in April. Back then, Facebook said it purchased the start-up cloud company for its tools and services. The social site is aiming to build its own developer ecosystem with more tools designed for third-party developers.

With Parse, Facebook can provide developers with a platform to rapidly build apps that span mobile platforms and devices.

The Parse suite of services include: data storage; and push notifications. These offerings allow developers to focus on building their apps without worrying about managing servers and backend infrastructures.

Among the businesses using Parse’s technology for developing their mobile applications are Ferrari, The Food Channel, Everbrite and the Showtime network.

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