The US National Security Agency headquarters

The United States National Security Agency has been relying on a secret channel of radio waves that allows the agency access to almost 100,000 computers around the world, even if the machines are not connected to the Internet.

The “digital highway” for staging cyber attacks has been used by the NSA since 2008, according to a report yesterday in The New York Times. The radio waves are transmitted from small circuit boards, or USB cards, or software covertly inserted into computers, the publication said, citing information gathered from U.S. officials, security experts and documents leaked by former NSA security contractor Edward Snowden.

Among the targets of such attacks were units of the Chinese Army, which the US has accused of launching cyber attacks on American military and industrial targets to steal classified information and industrial secrets.

The program which is codenamed Quantum has also been successfully used on Russian military networks as well as systems used by Mexican police and drug cartels, European Union trade groups and even U.S. partners such as Saudi Arabia, India and Pakistan.

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  1. And this is news to who? Prior to Y2K there was discussion wether Data Centers should be lined with lead to prevent this type of attack.
    As for the rest of the “stuff” coming from Snowden, just watch the “Bourne” movies – everything else has been publicized by Hollywood for years.

      • I guess it is only news to you folks that haven’t been arround long enough to have seen it happen before and who seen to think that the invention of the wheel is a new thing.
        Everything we have in technology today has been depicted by hollywood long before it has happened in real life. Example the “flip phone”, the “globe” headgear used prior to the Appolo missions – everything.
        Where do you think these highley intellegnet nerds come up with their ideas? converting Science Fiction to reality.
        Please, learn history before you start sligging mud – if you are challenging me to a mud fight, I choose to stand up-wind in a hurricane.


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