Internet of Things Canada IDC

The Internet of Things is rushing towards CIOs, promising to bring a new era of connectivity to hundreds of devices issuing an avalanche of data for processing to help enterprises achieve their business goals.

At least that’s the promise. Whether it’s over-hyped depends a lot on the industry. Which is why we’re hosting a Twitterchat on Wednesday July 30 between 1 and 2 p.m. Eastern.

The hashtag is #ITWCIOT. For details on how to participate and our guest experts for the hour click here.

The IoT is here now in enterprises, if you think of connected devices like printers. Most people, however, use the term to describe devices that haven’t been linked to the Internet yet – traffic lights, cars, water systems, building ventilation systems, window shades, pallets of products in warehouses … the list can be endless, depending on the cost of wirelessly enabling whatever it is one dreams of connecting.

Last week IDG News reported that at a trade show in Tokyo researchers showed a prototype of a tiny power supply that pulls energy from vibrations in the air so remote sensors and other parts don’t need batteries, while U.K. chip company Imagination Technologies announced a design for radio chips that can be used in small, power-sipping devices.

These are some of the technologies people are looking into to bring the IoT to reality.

Whether the Internet of Things should be on your IT department’s radar is one of the questions you can ask; you can also tell participants if your organization is already preparing.

Please join us for an informative hour, which is sponsored by Telus.