Remember when the IT department used to remind users not to stick onto their computer screens post-it-notes with their passwords on it?

Security threats have evolved since then but unfortunately our ability to remember passwords remain basically the same, according to technology writer Markus Jakobsson.

On average most people are able to remember two to three passwords and most of these passwords, are short and predictable, he said.

In a recent article, Jakobsson provided some strategies that users can adopt to strengthen their passwords while not necessarily making it hard for you to remember them.

Divide your passwords – Divide your passwords into two parts: One that you can memorize; and one that you write down. Using this method, you can manage hundreds of passwords while only having to remember two or three things.

Make you passwords less predictable – Resist the temptation to slide in that upper case letter at the beginning of your password. This is all too easy for hackers to guess.

Also avoid adding sequential numbers – Hackers know all about passwords with numbers such as: 12345; or the variant 54321

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