Okay, a show of hands here: Who hasn’t heard something in the past seven days on big data analytics?

Too wrapped up in the Winter Olympics?  Otherwise, if you’re a regular visitor to this site it’s hard to believe that in your regular infusion of IT news big data analytics hasn’t appeared before your eyes.

It’s been that way for me for the past 12 months – but then again because of my position I get inundated with press releases from vendors who insist their product has a big data tie-in.

Which brings us to the question of forecasting where this emerging –and sometimes over-hyped technology will go over the next 12 months. If you know where it’s going you can be prepared to take advantage of it, right?

Not necessarily.

Yugal Joshi, practice director for the Everest Group technology consulting firm has turned the idea on its head in a blog to predict where big data analytics won’t go in 2014:

–Hadoop won’t replace ETL (extract, transform and load);

–Analytics will still be undemocratic – that is, despite attempts by visualization vendors, it still won’t come down to the masses;

–Big data will still be a project in most organizations, and not a mainstream effort

–Talent needed to run big data analytics work will be hard to find;

–Integrating various data source to create a pool of data for analysis will still be a challenge

Clear here to find out why he came to these conclusions