Microsoft in the news for 2016-17

A collection of articles highlighting Microsoft’s activity over the last year on our site. At the end of this pagebook, you’ll find relevant metrics including time on site and the number of visitors.

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Article Pageviews Avg. Time Spent
Microsoft brings Ethereum blockchain tech to the mainstream 6,268 3:45
Microsoft begins rollout of Azure cloud services hosted in Canada 4,834 2:37
Microsoft Canada president Janet Kennedy: Canadian Cloud officially open for business 3,246 2:47
Microsoft, Red Hat deepen their IT alliance 2,003 1:53
Microsoft SharePoint 2016: What you need to think about before about migrating 2,159 2:03
Latest SharePoint release inspired by cloud infrastructure, Office 365 experience 1,868 1:44
Microsoft updates the Dynamics ERP suite on Azure cloud 1,681 1:45
Microsoft unveils Cortana Intelligence Suite and Bot Framework, its answer to IBM Watson 1,794 2:05