Cogeco Peer 1 in the News

A selection of articles highlighting Cogeco Peer 1’s activity over the last year on our site. At the end of this pagebook, you’ll find relevant metrics including time on site and the number of visitors.

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Article Pageviews Avg. Time Spent
Cogeco Peer 1 offers direct connection to Microsoft Azure 1,713 0:02:17
Cogeco Peer 1 expands connectivity services to help businesses digitally transform 1,424 0:01:40
Cogeco Peer 1 names new Canadian leader 1,340 0:02:00
Canadian service provider Cogeco Peer 1 adds web app DDoS protection 1,058 0:02:09
Blockchain: Moving beyond Bitcoin and digital currency 2,237 0:02:00
Canadian CIOs increasingly outsourcing data centre functions, says IDC report 1,081 0:02:40