Blackberry in the news 2016-17

A collection of articles highlighting Blackberry’s activity over the last year on our site. At the end of this pagebook, you’ll find relevant metrics including time on site and the number of visitors.

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Article Pageviews Avg. Time Spent
Unboxing for Business: BlackBerry DTEK60 – Youtube Video 37,712 2.29
BlackBerry reveals enterprise-facing mobile security platform, BlackBerry Secure 1,554 2:29
BlackBerry launches DTEK60 as it forges ahead with new hardware strategy 1,470 2:22
BlackBerry partners with Microsoft on enterprise mobility 1,384 1:49
BlackBerry to stop designing, making its own devices – focus pivots to software 1,258 2:37
BlackBerry scores multi-million dollar security contract with U.S. Government 1,209 1:50
BlackBerry unveils its newest Android mobile device, the DTEK50 1,061 1:46
BlackBerry will be “very active” in finding partners to make devices, says exec 1,030 2:36
BlackBerry doubles down on Android 1,003 2:04