Open Data

The federal government recently announced it is opening up data sets from 10 departments for public use. The pilot project follows a long-ongoing effort by advocates and activists to expose government data to the public and business to mash up applications. Here’s a selection of stories collected on the road to open government.
Federal government launches pilot open data portal

While open data activists are pleased by the launch, they’re also concerned about some licensing provisions

Vancouver budget becomes open data

Vancouver is advocating open data, sharing government documents with the public, by releasing the city budget to the public

Lac Carling 2010: Q&A with David Eaves
VIDEO: David Eaves discusses open data in Canadian government. Where the three levels of government stand, how Canada compares to other nations and whether top-down support is necessary. Plus, open vs. default vs. common standards
Catching up with Government 2.0 at Mesh

Cities are taking the lead with open data, but the feds are catching up in the social media space. A panel discussion at Mesh provided the latest updates on Gov 2.0 efforts in Canada.

Open government talk buzzes across Canada

Experts in open government and social media discussed everything from government-as-a-platform to app stores to the creation of a MuniForge during a panel discussion at the Open City Workshop in Edmonton. Plus, CIO Chris Moore’s take on the risks of open government

Why Canada should open source the government

David Eaves has already worked with the City of Vancouver on open data projects. Now he’s making the case for a self-emerging, bottom-up approach to delivering public sector services to citizens. A case in point: 911