Mobile Innovation Week 2010: compiled coverage

Our coverage of the second annual Mobile Innovation Week in Toronto, a week-long series of conferences and events focused on everything mobile

Mobile Innovation Week kicks off in Toronto

Toronto is ‘the centre of the mobile universe’ this week, says co-founder. An introduction to the week-long mobile festival and what gives Canadians an edge in the space

Mobile visions, predictions and stats

Deloitte predicts mobile trends over the next five to 10 years, Ericsson presents its vision of the world in 2020 and Comscore presents stats on the mobile phone market

How Hack-a-Thon winners used Toronto open data

Urban Hero and Toronto Votes 2010 are two smart phone apps that use open data sets from the City of Toronto to try to engage citizens, and winners of the Hack-a-Thon contest

How to get noticed by an analyst

Industry analysts are an invaluable source for Canadian start-ups seeking credibility and exposure. Five tips on how to ‘effectively engage’ with analysts from IDC Canada’s Krista Napier

VIDEO: CTO of Ericsson Canada on the future of mobile networks

By the year 2020, there will be about 50 billion connections in the world, said Dragan Nerandzic, who presented Ericsson’s vision of machine-to-machine communication at a Mobile ThinkTank session during Mobile Innovation Week 2010

VIDEO: Hack-a-Thon winner co-develops iPhone app for Toronto elections

Hack-a-thon host Jason Silva and “young star” winner Gabriel Grant discuss Toronto Votes 2010, an iPhone app that uses open data from the city to promote the upcoming municipal elections to young voters