Microsoft & Novell – Interoperability for Virtualization: Reducing the Complexity

December 12, 2007 – Toronto, Ontario

Computerworld Canada Technology Insights is coming to Toronto! Join Dan McLean, Editorial and Research Director, IT World Canada and his guests at this half-day event on Interoperability for Virtualization: Reducing the Complexity, sponsored by Microsoft and Novell. You and your peers will learn about the latest options for taking advantage of Windows and Linux interoperability:

  • Is there a smooth path for reducing complexity in typical heterogeneous data centres?
  • In a world of complex interoperability how can the introduction of virtualization impact your environment?
  • Is Windows and Linux interoperability a reality today and can these operating systems reduce data centre complexity?

Why You Should Attend:
You will learn from the experts and get answers to such questions as:

  • How can virtualization reduce data centre complexity?
  • How does virtualization enable interoperability? What are the benefits of virtualization in a combined Windows-Linux environment?
  • What areas of the data centre can benefit most from virtualization?
  • How can you get started today in making your data centre more manageable?

Dan McLean
Editorial and Research Director
IT World Canada




Dan McLean is the Editorial and Research Director of IT World Canada and serves as the general manager for the company’s Enterprise Products business unit, which includes management and publishing responsibility for Computerworld and Network World.

John Humphreys is the Program VP with IDC’s Enterprise Platform Group where he heads up the Enterprise Virtualization Software program covering the range of virtualization products deployed in both data center and client environments.

Ted Maulucci is the Chief Information Officer for the Tridel Group of Companies. The IT group at Tridel, lead by Mr. Maulucci, have developed and implemented various information technology solutions for the multi-family real estate sector. Their work has been featured in many articles, won awards and was showcased by Microsoft in a case study.

Brian Boukal is the Microsoft Executive in Novell’s Global Strategic Partner Organization. He has in-depth knowledge of both proprietary and open source software solutions and how these solutions help companies meet their current and future business needs, increase organizational efficiency and decrease operational costs.

Aaron Holzer is a Technology Manager in Microsoft’s Windows Server organization responsible for virtualization technology and the Microsoft relationship with Novell. Prior to joining Microsoft, Aaron spent seven years at Intel where he was a Senior Product Marketing Engineer in Intel’s Server Platform Group responsible for server virtualization marketing strategies as well as a Strategic Relationship Manager responsible for Intel’s technical and business activities with key ISVs.

Doug Cooper is a Canada Country Manager for Intel Corporation and manages all aspects of Intel’s business in Canada and directs Intel’s North America PR team. He joined Intel in 1983 and in the 23 years since then helped the company start a global team of IT technology evangelists, created the Canadian marketing group, and directed Canada and Latin America Marketing. His Canadian team is probably most remembered for launching Centrino processor technology and establishing WiFi hotspots in Canada.