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Day 1: October 19, 2022 (In-person)

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Jim Love, CIO ITWC


Fighting Back - Taking a Proactive Approach to Security

Nick Aleks, Senior Director of Security, Wealthsimple, Author of Black Hat GraphQL & DEFCON Toronto Co-Founder

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These are short presentations that provide a valuable and practical glimpse into some of the most innovative and powerful security tools, processes, techniques and research. They are the TED talk of Cyber Security done in 5 minutes.

Threatscape - Understanding Current and Emerging Threats

As a security professional and business executive, does it feel like you’re always playing catch-up?  Do you find yourself committing resources to fight yesterday’s battles?  Well you are not alone but you are vulnerable!

John del Grande, VP Business Solutions, Ecclisiastical Insurance
Jim Love, Cio ITWC

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FireSide Chat - Email Security

Jim Love CIO, ITWC
Alkin Gorgun, Field CISO, Cloudflare

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Panel: Ransomware Attacks - You don’t have to be a victim - Sponsored by Ricoh

Our panel will walk you through the key elements of prevent and damage mitigation including discussion of the role, value and limitations of cyber insurance.

Moderator: Epsit Jajal, Virtual CIO – Ricoh IT Services

Greg Markell,President & CEO, RIDGE CANADA
Maryam Asgariazad, Director, Information Security, Alterna Savings

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Securing The Investment You Need to Protect Your Data: Creating a Sense of Urgency: Talking to Business Executives and Making the Case

In this session you will hear not just how to make the case for greater investment this quarter, but ensure your executive buy-in to ongoing vigilance and the resources you need to keep the organization secure.

Jim Love, CIO, ITWC

Horace Wright, Senior Manager, Unit Risk & IT Transformation – I&O & Security Assets, National Bank of Canada
Azim Boblai, CISO, Toronto Community Housing


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Quiz - Sponsored by Okta

Test your knowledge with some fun trivia

Keeping Up To Date - The Essential Guide to Privacy and Security

This session will provide an update on privacy regulation, an exploration of how privacy and security can best work with one another and leave you with a checklist of things you have to know and do to ensure that you reduce the risks to your organization.  Discussion will include developments in the US and Canada

Wendy Hulton, Partner, Dickinson Wright

Presentation: Conducting an Effective Investigation Post Breach

One of the key things you will need to do post a breach of your security is to carry out an effective investigation to identify the cause.  This is essential for three reasons:

1. Prevent further immediate loss
2. Improve your defenses to prevent future loss
3. If possible retrieve the information 

In this session you will hear about the essential of investigation as well as some of the pitfalls to avoid.

Keith Elliott, President and CEO, Reed Research


Cybersecurity management Process awareness from the Government Prospective

Rahim Charania, Director, Cyber Security – Strategy and Design, Office of the Chief Information Officer of Canada

Wiz Kid Presentation

Shiza Charania

Closing Panel:

The CISO Unplugged. Leading CISOs Share Their Hopes and Fears for a Secure Future

The day will conclude with a wide-ranging discussion among three leading CISO’s.  They will discuss the route they took to the role, the skills they see as critical now and in the future, how they work with other C-Suite executives, and share what keeps them up at night and what makes them leap out of bed in the morning as they think about the world of threat and opportunity they face every day.

Moderator: Imran Ahmad, Partner and Head of Technology, Co-Chair Data Protection, Privacy and Cybersecurity at Norton Rose Fulbright

Kevin Dreyer, CISO, Maple Reinders
Samer Adi, CISO, Greenshield Canada
Natalia Bakhtina, Director of Cybersecurity and IT Risk Management, BFL Canada

Closing Remarks

Jim Love, CIO, ITWC

Day 2: October 20, 2022

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Brennen Schmidt
Cybersecurity Author and Speaker


Resourcing the Security Function – Finding Scarce Talent In A Tough Market

On October 3 the Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst released data from a research study on Cyber Talent Transformation in Canada

In this session Rushmi willI share the research findings and the correlated impact, when it comes to the talent gap.  The research is designed to be action driven and provides companies with actionable elements that they can address to increase the quantity and quality of cybersecurity applicants while driving diversity. 

Rushmi Hasham, Director of Development and Accelerated Cybersecurity Training Programs, Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst, Toronto Metropolitan University

Cybersecurity - the Human Factors

Why cybersecurity matters and how the human factors make it work – or defeat it. Includes the challenges to cyber awareness and tips on how to realistically implement cyber discipline and building a culture of user engagement. 

Natalia Bakhtina, Director of Cybersecurity and IT Risk Management, BFL Canada

Practical Guide to Cybersecurity Governance - Why Governance is part of essential protection.

Governance is not about committee meetings and dull droning discussions about policies no one will read. It’s an action oriented approach that is essential to protecting your organization. Yet many organizations struggle to make it work.

John del Grande, VP Business Solutions, Ecclisiastical Insurance

CyberSecure Canada Certification Program Update

An update on the CyberSecure Canada certification program led by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED).  This program is transitioning to the national standard produced by the Council for SMEs in cybersecurity.  Keith will be able to answer questions about the standard including:  “What does it cover? Why should I care? What tools and resources are available to help me get my organization certified to the national standard?”

Keith Jensa,

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Test your knowledge with some fun trivia

Cybersecurity Essentials for SMBs

While large breaches as high profile organizations make the headlines, cybersecurity should be a concern for your organization no matter your size. The sad truth is that there is no such thing as an organization too small to be a target.  And with smaller organizations having less resources the impact on their business can be proportionately far greater than for large corporations.

Mandy D’Autremont, Vice President, Marketing Partnerships,  Canadian Federation of Independent Business

Cybersecurity assessment and planning for SMBs - keeping it real

Most small or medium sized businesses (SMBs) think a cybersecurity plan is expensive, consumes too much staff time or is something that they do not have the expertise to do.  This misperception causes SMBs to be at considerable risk. 

Yogi Schulz has helped companies face these types of challenges. He has designed risk models that are used in the oil and gas industry by small and large companies. He will show how to evaluate Critical Security Controls using a comprehensive, low-cost, and surprisingly low-effort process. The evaluation results produce an actionable list of cybersecurity gaps and a high level of assurance in understanding the state of SMB cybersecurity.  

This is a “must see” for SMBs, but would benefit organizations of any size.

Yogi Schulz, Sr. Consultant, Corvelle Consulting

Fireside Chat - IOSecure

Tom Jacoby has seen it all in a career in cyber security and operations that has spanned over three decades. The lessons that he’s learned and the stories that he can tell breathe life into security discussions and give a practical framework for the elements of any cybersecurity plan.  

Join Jim Love, CIO, ITWC and Tom Jacoby,  Founder and CEO of IOSecure Internet Operations Inc. for a key discussion of four key elements that everyone must consider in cybersecurity planning.


Closing Panel: What to do Tomorrow to Prepare for the Day After…

Looping back to the discussion that opened the event on the emerging threat environment, we will conclude the event with a wide ranging discussion of next steps – a call to action as it were, where assembled experts recommend simple, practical tasks you can take on now to be better prepared in the future

Moderator: Brennen Schmidt, Cybersecurity Author and Speaker

Joined by Jim Love, CIO ITWC


Jim Love


John Del Grande

VP Business Solutions, Ecclesiastical Insurance


Samer Adi, CISO

Green Shield Canada


Wendy Hulton

Partner, Dickinson Wright

Horace Wright

Senior Manager, Unit Risk, Transformation et performance  – Infrastructure, Operations & Security Assets

Epsit Jajal

Virtual CIO – Ricoh IT Services

Rushmi Hasham

Director, Development and Accelerated Cybersecurity Training Programs, Toronto Metropolitan University


Brennen Schmidt

Cybersecurity Author and Speaker


Kevin Dreyer

I.T. Director/CISO, Maple Reinders


Alkin Gorgun

Field CISO, Cloudflare


Rahim Charania

Director, Cyber Security – Strategy and Design, Office of the Chief Information Officer of Canada

Tom Jacoby

Founder and CEO of IOSecure Internet Operations Inc.


Shiza Charania

Wiz Kid

Imran Ahmad

Partner and Head of Technology, Co-Chair Data Protection, Privacy and Cybersecurity at Norton Rose Fulbright


Mandy D'Autremont

Vice President, Marketing Partnerships, Canadian Federation of Independent Business


Greg Markell



Yogi Schulz

Sr. Consultant, Corvelle Consulting


Maryam Asgariazad

Director, Information Security, Alterna bank


Juliana Scharrer

Program Manager, Accelerated Cybersecurity Training Program, Toronto Metropolitan University



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