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MapleSEC Editorial Coverage

MapleSEC: Navigating the security minefield of the future

MapleSEC Day 2 Recap – Training and Culture

MapleSEC: Try these tips to improve your security awareness program

Cyber Security Today: Great advice from MapleSec security conference speakers

MapleSEC: How municipalities can guard against inevitable ransomware threats

IT security hiring slowing in Canada, CIRA survey suggests

MapleSEC Day 1 Recap: The Threatscape

MapleSEC: The ransomware attack that turned into a horror story

How to deal with media and stakeholders following a cyber incident

Why 2020 has been the year of privacy engineering, and what it means for Canada

MapleSEC 2020 is a three-day virtual conference aimed at business and government leaders looking for hands-on practical tips to protect their organizations from growing cybersecurity threats.

Whether you’re interested in new approaches to building a risk management culture, expert tips on how to prepare for the new threats on the horizon, or tested strategies for getting your board on board with cybersecurity initiatives, you’ll come away from MapleSEC 2020 with practical tools and valuable insights.

This is not a conference featuring back-to-back videos and presentations peppered with PowerPoint slides.

Delivered on our proprietary MAPLE-TV platform, the audience will be able to download assets, participate in live quizzes, and use online meeting rooms to share their views in a choice of two daily moderated luncheon discussions. There will be podcast interviews to download and maybe even a hackathon.  

Each day will offer two keynote addresses, a panel discussion, a workshop, and a choice of two moderated roundtable discussions. Miss the camaraderie of a live event? Don’t worry. There will be lots of opportunities for networking. 

Complimentary registration is made possible by our sponsors. 

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Program Overview

11:00 AM


  • Jim Love, CIO, ITWC
  • Byron Holland, CEO, Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA)

11:15 AM


Standing on Guard

A Peek Behind the Curtain at International Cybersecurity Threats 

Business owners and government CISOs face an astonishing array of cyber threats as they protect their organizations against fraud, data theft, and ransomware attacks.  It can be very stressful. Now imagine the stress when your job is protecting the entire continent against sophisticated attacks from well-heeled entities bent on wreaking havoc to serve their own agendas. Imagine no longer. In this special panel sponsored by the Mackenzie Institute, you’ll hear first-hand from cybersecurity intelligence leaders with the FBI, NSA, U.S. Homeland Security, the Communications Security Establishment, about their daily challenges and the big threats they see on the horizon. They’ll discuss the current state of security and privacy and what their respective agencies are doing to ensure personal data remains out of the reach of bad actors around the world.

Karsten Arend, CCBP, CBP, MBA, Founder, Just In-Genius Inc., Director and VP of The Mackenzie Institute 

Adam Hamilton, Special Agent, FBI
Neal Ziring, Cybersecurity Directorate, National Security Agency
Benjamin Salazar, Cybersecurity Expert, Department of Homeland Security

Donald MacLeod, Director of Autonomous Defence and Sensors, Canadian Security Establishment

11:45 AM


It’s All About the Money: How to Make Yourself Too Expensive to Hack

Steve Biswanger
CIO Association of Canada (CISO Division)

12:00 PM


Cybersecurity Horror Stories

Join white-hat hacker Terry Cutler, Founder & CEO of Cyology Labs, to share your stories of the incredible cybersecurity gaffs you’ve seen – and how they could have been avoided. We’re not naming names in this session, but bring along your favourite (true) story of the disaster that should have been averted.

12:30 PM


12:40 PM


The Changing Threatscape: Security and Risk Trends for 2020

Moderator: Jonathan Nguyen-Duy, Fortinet CISO


  • Steve Winterfeld, Advisory CISO, Akamai Technologies
  • Sherry Rumboldt, System Security Officer – DND/CAF
  • Terry Cutler, Founder & CEO, Cyology Labs 
  • Andrew Loschmann, Chief Operating Officer, Field Effect

1:00 PM


How to Deal with Media and Stakeholders Following a Cyber Incident

Allan Bonner
Mackenzie Institute Board of Governors

1:40 PM


Hardware Needs Cyber Love Too

Mitra Mirhassani
Associate Professor, University of Windsor

Closing Remarks 


Identity and Privileged Access: What You Need to Know Now

Join CyberArk AVP and County Manager Chris Ruetz and guest Gerry Owens in the post-conference networking session for a live quiz, a brief discussion about the role of identity and privileged access, and then an open discussion about anything you heard in the day’s sessions.

11:00 AM


  • Jim Love, CIO, ITWC
  • Mark Gaudet, Cybersecurity Services Team Leader, Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA)

11: 10 AM


How to Build Effective Cybersecurity Awareness in Your Organization

David Shipley 
Founder, Beauceron Security Inc.

11:25 AM


TRAINING: The Best Ways to Protect People From Themselves

 A layered security infrastructure is essential to protecting against the growing variety of threats that organizations face. However, while technology-based solutions are critical for protecting an organization from attacks, a robust security awareness training program is essential. In this panel, you’ll be offered advice about best practices organizations should consider as they develop a robust training program.

Spencer Callaghan, Communications and Content Manager, CIRA


  • Jon Lewis, Product Marketing Specialist, CIRA
  • Brennen Schmidt, Cybersecurity author, Board of Governors, Mackenzie Institute
  • Jim Love, CIO, ITWC

11:45 AM

Live Quiz

12:00 PM


Tips, Gottchas and Other Disasters: What I learned Implementing Cybersecurity Awareness Training

The CIRA-sponsored luncheon roundtable gives IT managers an opportunity to share their war stories when it comes to cybersecurity awareness training. Come learn from each other’s biggest successes and worst mistakes. Fumble with the communications for your program launch? Let’s hear about it. CIRA will open the discussion with our own experiences as a user of training, as well as share some stories and best practices from our customers.


You’ve Trained Your Staff to Protect Your Data but How Do You Train the Machines?

In this session Dr. Kevin Mahoney, Senior Director of Strategy at Fortinet, will discuss how to train an AI system to fight the bad guys.  He’ll review a brief history of artificial intelligence and then look at how to build and train a deep learning network to perform sub-second malware classification to protect your data.

12:30 PM


Tales from the Trenches: How to Win the Cybersecurity Cultural Battle

Brian Lesser
CIO, Ryerson University

12:45 PM


Resilience: Lessons from the Financial Sector

 The growing sophistication, frequency and severity of cyberattacks highlight the impossibility of completely protecting the integrity of critical computer systems. In this context, cyber-resilience offers an attractive complementary alternative to the existing cybersecurity paradigm. This presentation will outline the results of a two-year research project that sought to understand how cyber-resilience is understood and practiced by cybersecurity experts in the financial sector, and what lessons were learned from recent cyberattacks in terms of preparedness, response and adaptation.

Benoit Dupont
Canadian Research Chair in Cybersecurity, Universite de Montreal, Board of Directors, SERENE RISC

12:55 PM


How Municipalities Can Guard Against Inevitable Ransomware Threats

Canadian municipalities have become targets of choice for ransomware. There are thousands of them, they are government-funded, and they are easily convinced to pay up because the alternative is so much more costly. In this panel we look at how municipalities became vulnerable, the financial damage being done, and the new, urgent action they must take to protect citizen information.

Helen Knight, CIO, Helen Knight Consulting
Abe Abernethy, Board Member, Municipal Information Systems Association (MISA)
Dan Mathieson, Mayor, Stratford, Ontario
John Millar, President, Digital Boundary Group

1:30 PM


How to Talk Cybersecurity to Your Board

Frank Downs
Senior Director, Cybersecurity Advisory and Assessment Solutions ISACA

Robert W. (Bob) Gordon
Executive Director
Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange

1:50 PM


Cyber Partnerships: How to Find Them and How to Keep Them

Shawna Coxon O.O.M., PhD
Deputy Chief of Police
Toronto Police Service

Closing Remarks


What will Remote Work Look Like in 2021?

Join Paul Vallée, Chief Executive Officer with Tehama, for a live discussion about the future of remote work. A pioneer in remote connectivity, if you’ve got a question about enabling remote work – COVID-inspired or otherwise, Paul will have an answer. Think your already remote work savvy? The session will feature a live quiz to test that assumption.

11:00 AM


  • Jim Love, CIO, ITWC
  • Jacques Latour, CTO, Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA)

11:10 AM


COVID-19: How it’s Changed the Privacy Landscape

Jill Clayton
Information and Privacy Commissioner, Province of Alberta

Contact tracing, the exponential increase in the use of virtual healthcare, creating and keeping customer lists, health information sharing within and outside organizations, among several other topics, have changed what Information and Privacy Commissioners have had to focus on during the COVID-19 pandemic. While many issues that have arisen may go away as the pandemic threat subsides, other new realities are likely here to stay. What some of these changes mean in the long term remains to be seen, but this session will provide a glimpse of how all of these topics have converged over the past several months for privacy regulators.

11:30 AM


Privacy and Security in the New Normal

  • Cat Coode, Founder,  Binary Tattoo
  • Le Ha Hang, VP, Global Security, CGI 
  • David T.S. Fraser, Partner, McInnes Cooper
  • Leo de Sousa, Deputy CIO, City of Vancouver

12:00 PM


Canada and Cybersecurity Standards: What Do They Mean for You?

Amy Oke
Senior Engineer 
Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED).

12:15 PM


Getting Your Say in Cybersecurity Standards 

Canada is leading the world in the establishment of cybersecurity standards. In this luncheon discussion, Matthew MacNeil, Director, Standards and Technology with the CIO Strategy Council, wants to hear from you about the standards that should be in place to position Canada competitively on the world stage.


Cybersecurity Insurance Roundtable

Cyber insurance can’t protect your organization from cybercrime, but it can keep your business on stable financial footing should a significant security event occur. In this session join Claudiu Popa, Principal Risk Advisor, Informatica Security, for an open discussion about the ins and outs of cybersecurity whether you are in the private sector or government.

12:45 PM


12:55 PM


Privacy Enforcement: A Look Ahead at the Implications for Business

Vanessa Henri
Associate, Fasken

Since 2018 more than 40 pieces of privacy legislation have been introduced around the globe. In this presentation, Vanessa describes 2020 as the year of privacy engineering and discusses the implication for business.  

1:10 PM


Security, Emerging Tech and What You Can Expect in the Future

Andrew Milne, Chief Revenue Officer, Field Effect
Jacques LaTour, CTO, CIRA
Dr. Atefeh (Atty) Mashatan, Director, Cyber Security, Ryerson University
Natalia Stakhanova, Director, The Cyber Lab, University of Saskatchewan

1:30 PM


What You Need to Know to Deploy AI Safely and Securely

Dr. Ali Dehghantanha
CEO, CyberOrion 

AI services are increasingly playing a critical role in many businesses that require compliance with different security standards, but AI-based systems are imperfect. They are difficult to secure, can offer unreliable results and learn wrong things – thus  revealing incorrect insights. In this session, Dr. Dehghantanha will look into security and privacy challenges in AI systems and provides a strategic approach to assess your business compliance with the the guidelines that will be guide future growth.

1:45 PM


New Advances in Data Security

Florian Kerschbaum
Director, Cybersecurity and Privacy Institute

2:00 PM

Closing Remarks



Dr. Ali Dehghantanha
CEO, CyberOrion

Vanessa Henri
Associate, Fasken

Howard Solomon
Cybersecurity Journalist

Jill Clayton
Information and Privacy Commissioner Province of Alberta

Jon Lewis
Product Marketing Specialist, CIRA

Cat Coode
Binary Tattoo

Andrew Loschmann
Chief Operating Officer
Field Effect

Brian Lesser
Ryerson University

Atefeh Mashatan
Cybersecurity Research Lab
Ryerson University

Jonathan Nguyen-Duy
VP CISO Field Team, Fortinet

Byron Holland

Allan Bonner
Cybersecurity Author – Board of Governors, MacKenzie Institute

Michael Ball
Founder, Team CISO

Terry Cutler
Founder & CEO, Cyology Labs

Shawna Coxon
Deputy Chief, Toronto Police Service

Le Ha Hang
VP, Global Security

Jacques Latour
Chief Technology Officer, CIRA

Amy Oke
Senior Engineer

Natalia Stakhanova, Ph.D
Director, The CyberLab
University of Saskatchewan

David T.S. Fraser
Partner, McInnes Cooper

Frank Downs
Senior Director, Cybersecurity Advisory and Assessment Solutions, ISACA

Matthew MacNeil
Director, Standards and Technology, CIO Strategy Council

Dr. Florian Kerschbaum
Director, Cybersecurity and Privacy Institute

David Shipley
CEO and Co-Founder,

Beauceron Security Inc. 

Brennen Schmidt
Cybersecurity Author — Board of Governors, MacKenzie Institute

Mitra Mirhassani
Associate Professor
University of Windsor

Steve Biswanger
President CISO Division

Benoit Dupont
Canadian Research Chair in Cybersecurity, Universite de Montreal

Sherry Rumbolt
National Information System Security Officer
Directorate Information Management Security,DND/CAF

Jim Love

Robert W. (Bob) Gordon
Executive Director
Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange

Spencer Callaghan
Communications and Content Manager, CIRA

Neal Ziring
Technical Director
Cybersecurity Directorate, National Security Agency

Adam Hamilton
Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Chris Ruetz
AVP & Country Manager

Gerry Owens
IT Risk Management and Cyber Security Executive

Andrew Milne
Chief Revenue Officer
Field Effect

Steve Winterfeld
Advisory CISO
Akamai Technologies

Derek Manky
Chief, Security Insights & Global Threat Alliances, FortiGuard Labs

Dan Mathieson
City of Stratford

Claudiu Popa
Principal Risk Advisor
Informatica Security

Leo de Sousa
Deputy Chief Information Officer
City of Vancouver

Helen Wetherley Knight
Helen Knight Consulting

Paul Vallée
Executive Officer

Adam “Abe” Abernethy
MISA Board member

Dr. Kevin Mahoney
Senior Director, Strategy

Mark Gaudet
Product Manager at the Canadian Internet Registration Authority

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