The State of Cybersecurity in Canada

MapleSEC’s introductory session will explore the changes that we have and will face as Canadian companies and cyber security professionals

Panel: Survival Guide for Cybersecurity Leaders

Gartner’s Geoff Crampton and Satyamoorthy Kabilan join host Jim Love to discuss how to deal with challenges like burnout, mental health, juggling priorities, and developing hiring and retention strategies.

Multiple Panels: Industry Voices and Case Studies

Experts from across the country will focus on key issues in a number of industries including Oil and Gas, Healthcare, Government, and Financial Services.

Real Resiliency – What is it and how do we build it

What happens if your incident “failover plan” fails? While we do need strong protection and processes, we really need to understand how to build an organization that can recover quickly.

The Real Challenge of Generative AI – Beyond the Hype

What are the real issues of generative AI? How do these really affect businesses and Cybersecurity? A realistic and “no-hype” view of the new developments in AI.

Meeting the Resource Challenge with “Quiet Hiring”

We are all struggling to find and hold onto great people. Gartner Analyst Satyamoorthy Kabilan will introduce Gartner’s innovative approach to the resource challenge: “Quiet Hiring.”

Panel: Building the Path Forward 

Our final panel of day one will help summarize, synergize and lead us through building our own personal plan for initiating and leading change.