IBM Cloud Computing: Understanding Future Risks

In these challenging economic times, the mantra, “do more with less,” has never been heard more loudly. CIOs are being challenged to help keep their businesses healthy and competitive, while at the same time they are finding their budgets under pressure.
Cloud computing may be an option to reduce your hardware and software expenditures, but there is still much confusion about this computing model, and some concerns, such as: “how well it will provide security and service levels, or what might happen in the event of an outage?”
Software as a Service (SaaS) is probably the best understood element of cloud computing, but it can extend to the provision of services via the internet such as storage, and even computing platforms, as well as software applications. Companies and governments are already using this emerging concept in the real world, and its uses are growing. As any new technology emerges there are always associated risks.
Join me with my expert guests as we explore these issues and help you to determine whether cloud computing makes sense for you. This is an opportunity to interact with your peers, share your challenges and experiences, and get your key questions answered by the experts. As always, you can look forward to an informative and highly interactive session.Host:

John Pickett
VP and Community Advocate
IT World Canada

Featured Guests:

Jimmy Abraham
Vice President

Richard McDonald
Technical Executive and Distiguished IT Architect
IBM Canada