i4i vs Microsoft: The whole story

The chronology with the Microsoft-i4i court battle:

Texas court orders Microsoft to pay Toronto firm $200 million
A Texas court rules in favour of i4i over allegations that Microsoft has infringed on several patents held by the Toronto-based XML content development firm.
A Texas judge has given Microsoft 60 days to stop selling custom-XML-capable versions of word, but the injunction is unlike to actually stop sales.
The Redmond, Wash-based software maker is pulling out all the stops in pleading for a stay on the court injunction preventing the sale of on its popular word processing software.

Microsoft cries foul over i4i ruling

Texas lower court judge let trial ”run amok” in awarding the Toronto company $290 million, says Microsoft in appeal.
HP and Dell tells court that forcing Microsoft to alter Word would require computer makers to conduct expensive and time-consuming re-tests of machines running the software.
An appeals court issued a stay of an injunction that would have stopped Microsoft from selling Word.
The software giant labels i4i claims that Microsoft execs came to Toronto only to steal XML technology a “breathless tale”.
I4i claims Microsoft has had enough time to modify Word, while the Redmond Wash-based software maker maintains it has not infringed on any existing patent.

After Microsoft appealed an August jury verdict that found it had wilfully infringed on i4i’s patent, the U.S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals upholds the verdict. Plus analyst comments on the upheld verdict.