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Proactive IT Monitoring: Pivotal to IT agility and superior customer experience

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Delivering exceptional customer experience through multichannel applications is the ultimate battleground for businesses in today’s application economy. Modern customers want to engage through the platform of their choice, are unforgiving in terms of experience quality and would even switch to a competitor in a heartbeat. But all applications require the right mix of high performing IT infrastructure elements to run on or to even exceed end user expectations.

In order to meet these needs, IT needs to spur agility into its operations amidst the rising complexity due to the amalgamation of legacy and newer technologies such as cloud and big data.

Join us for a webcast to learn:

  • What are the key drivers of agile IT operations?
  • Why proactive IT management & monitoring is critical to agile IT operations?
  • What are the key steps required for switching from reactive to proactive?
  • What benefits have customers achieved by adopting a proactive approach?
Umair Khan     EXPERT GUESTUmair Khan
Expert in Infrastructure
Management Solutions
CA Technologies


Note: The live webinar took place on Thursday, July 9, 2015 at 1PM ET.




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