Technicity 2015 – Playbook: The Connected City

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Technicity 2015

December 3, 2015, 7:30 am — 3:30 pm

Technology is the foundation for effectively running an organization today, driving innovation and competitiveness. As the senior decision-maker at your organization, are you aware of how your plans may be impacted by what the City of Toronto is putting in place for infrastructure?

Join us on December 3, 2015 for Technicity 2015 — Playbook: The Connected City as chief city officials outline their strategies and directions which will affect the success of business. As the CEO, CIO, VP Strategy or Director of IT — you will find this information critical to ensuring the successful outcome of your strategy and technology investments.

In addition to the Mayor’s address (A Vision for the GTA), participating in a panel discussion, outlining the specific plans, and available for your questions, are:

Rob Meikle

Rob Meikle
CIO, City of Toronto

Michael Williams

Michael Williams
General Manager, City of Toronto

Jennifer Keesmaat

Jennifer Keesmaat
Chief Planner, City of Toronto

Vasu Daggupaty

Vasu Daggupaty
Team Lead and Policy Advisor, Ministry of Economic Development, Province of Ontario.

Share your insights. Engage with these City officials to dialogue about what you need from them while learning what they are doing and why and how it impacts your ability to conduct business across the Internet.

Where: MaRs Discovery District
101 College Street, Toronto, ON

Full agenda

Who should attend: CIO, CEO, CFO, VP — strategy and operations of medium-and large-sized, public and private organizations

Note: This event is limited to senior level executives and closed to IT Vendor companies, other than sponsors.