CanadianCIO Executive Roundtable: Collaboration Big Data Cloud Mobility

Wednesday April 23, 2014.
Toronto, ON 9:00 am-12:00 pm.


If we are really going to help our organizations prosper, the CIO and the CMO need to collaborate like never before. We all know this. The question is – do we act like we know it? Are we up for the challenge?

How do we go about building the types of relationships that can make this possible? How do we do this in the real world.

If you understand the importance of this new relationship, you will want to attend this frank, face to face discussion with a select invited group of CIOs and CMOs.

If you don’t understand the challenge – or don’t believe it – maybe you should check out this event.

Doubter or believer – I’d like to personally invite you to our CIO/CMO round table discussion.

Together we’ll consider the case for collaboration and address the key questions:

• Why is collaboration important? Why is it difficult?

• How do we develop the partnerships we need?

• What are the key trends? What are other organizations doing?

• Big Data, Cloud, Mobility – how can we collaborate to really leverage these development.

These round table discussions are a forum that IT World Canada has created to provide real world, practical discussion on key issues. As CIO of IT World, I host these as part of my own exploration of the issues that face us all.

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