Canadian Anti-SPAM Legislation Workshop Webcast

CASL Compliance and Risk Mitigation Strategies – Comprehensive Webcast

Canada is enacting comprehensive anti-spam legislation [CASL] affecting all organizations that send emails, text messages, and other commercial electronic messages in the course of their marketing and other business activities – that means virtually EVERY company in Canada. CASL also contains rules for the installation of computer programs.

As part of CanadianCIO’s ongoing education initiatives for business decision makers, digital publisher IT World Canada partnered with OSLER, one of the top legal firms in the country – especially in the field of anti-spam and privacy legislation – to deliver an information-packed and compelling workshop on CASL Compliance and Risk Mitigation Strategies.


NOTE: Instructions to download the Webinar Workbook can be found at the 1-minute mark of the video.

This in-depth workshop with OSLER’s Privacy and Data Management team is AN ABSOLUTE MUST-SEE for Chief Privacy Officers, compliance professionals, in-house counsel, digital marketers, and corporate executives responsible for CASL adherence.

Watch this short preview:

The complex legislation taking effect July 1, 2014 contains strict consent, notice and unsubscribe requirements. The penalties for non-compliance are potentially severe, including: private right of action of up to $200 per violation (e.g. per email/text message sent); up to $1M for individuals; and up to $10M for businesses. Not being prepared could place your firm in a financially vulnerable position.

Don’t leave your organization at risk! Be prepared for CASL on July 1.

Watch this important webcast today.

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