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Mariott Hotels this morning admitted encrypted and unencrypted personal information on 500 million customers who made reservations at one of its Starwood Hotels has been copied over four years from one of its databases. In a release the company said...
Four Seasons CIO Marco Trecroce is clear about where the luxury hospitality company was technology- and process-wise a decade ago: manual and inconsistent HR practices; time-intensive paper records and reporting; limited visibility into workforce data; and multiple versions of...
Today's podcast has news about prosecutors going after global ransomware, virus and advertising scams, as well as on Dell's admission of a security breach
Testifying before a Senate committee, officials of the two social media companies complained about late addition to legislation to curb foreign election advertising. Read why
Organizations are automating phone interviews; Amazon launches AWS Ground Station; and US Army buys a ton of Microsoft Hololens. It's all the tech news that’s popular right now. Welcome to Hashtag Trending! It’s Friday, November 30th and I’m your host...
We spoke with AWS customers and partners about the new services launched at re:Invent that they are excited about putting to work.
Using a brute force attack on Linux servers is still effective, says report from GuardiCore. Read why
The new trade agreement makes specific mention of not requiring cloud services to be located in a country's territory.
Elon Musk scraps his tunnel project under the 405 freeway, New Zealand turns its nose up to Huawei, and Amazon wants to sell medical software.
AWS Outpost shows the importance of VMware's partnership to Amazon, and has at least one CIO thinking about the possibilities of operating the cloud on-premises.