ComputerWorld Canada Blogging Idol 2010

Is Michel Labelle getting old and cranky? Or does he make a good point about IT sales reps?


Along with Chris, Don and others, Michel are back again this year in ComputerWorld Canada’s blogging idol contest.



The winner will get $1,000.


Until May 7, we’ll be asking would-be bloggers to write posts on our site,, on a weekly topic determined by our editors. We’ll have special guests critique the posts in the comments area, and readers will choose their

favourites using the ratings function.

Contestants can post as often as they like and at a length of approximately 1,000 words per post.


Topics so far include Windows 7 versus Linux, OpenDNS and Rogers.


IT World Canada will select a panel of judges who will evaluate the overall results of the contestants’ efforts. At the end of the contest, the judges will choose the contestant whose posts offered the most relevant, valuable and entertaining insight into the use of IT. That contestant will win the top $1,000 cash prize. The remaining winners will receive a gift certificate with cash value.


Check out Web site for the contest rules and to register