CIO to CIO – Going Deep on Big Data – The Coming Revolution in DBMS Systems

Merv Adrian, Research Analyst with Gartner Group. interviews with host:  Jim Love, CIO, IT World Canada

cio-to-cio-thumb  We have a wide ranging discussion on the current and future state of DBMS systems, on Big Data and more.  This is a 5 part series which takes us from the the current state of the art to some of the most leading edge technology and technology applications.

Episode 1 – The Coming Revolution in DBMS Systems

Merv and I look at the present and the future of DMBS systems.   We talk about the issues – technical and business – which related to DMBS system, Big Data, the CMO/CIO divide and other key issues.  What are the emerging developments that CIOs need to keep on top of?  Should we use Open Source or proprietary tools?  All of this and more in this essential update on Big Data and DBMS Systems.

Episode 2 – Data Chaos in the Cloud

Cloud is changing data and how we deal with it on a number of levels. Is it really making things easier?  Or has cheap storage resulted in what Merv calls  “data lakes” or worse “data landfill”?  We have enormous growing stores of data that we keep – because we can.  Sometimes we don’t know the value of these stores.  Should we keep them?  Should we not?  What is the impact on our data architecture?  What do we need to know to grapple with the way Cloud has transformed data storage and eventually, data analysis. Explore the concept of “infonomics” – the economics of managing data in this new world.

Episode 3 – Hadoop in Small Words

Hadoop is one of those things that everyone talks about but few really understand.  We know that it’s a cost effective way of analyzing big data stores.  How much more do we know?  If you are  aware of Hadoop but want to know more, you could look at this as a 6 minute “For Dummies”  guide to Hadoop and big data analysis in the cloud.  I think it goes a little deeper than that – we just keep it practical and accessible.  We look at the real issues and challenges. We look at the key questions to ask and decisions that need to be made. We summarize the best practices for moving forward with Hadoop.

Episode 4 – Radical DBMS Alternatives

Processing in the hardware layer,”NoSQL” databases, “In Memory” databases, managing unstructured data and the merging of storage and analytics and moving right down to the chip itself – we cover a wide range new and emerging developments in DMBS systems and structures.  Processing speed, parallel processing, scaling, security, encryption and decryption are just some of the issues that we examine in this engaging discussion. This is more than theory.  In the spirit of this series, we take this down to a practical level.

Episode 5 – NoSQL DBMS and Other  Emerging Developments

Unstructured data is the new challenge of Big Data and Data Analytics.  NoSQL databases, Sparse Structures, Complex Networks are just some of the tools that are being used to increase the agility dealing with very large data stores of unstructured data.  Understand how large databases such as Linked In meet the challenges of very large, unstructured data storage and analysis.  Do you go with smaller, leading edge firms or pick one of the mainstream providers with less functionality?  Open Source vs proprietary software – what are the issues?  How do you know what to do?  How do you pick a vendor?   What is on the horizon that we should be watching?

About the CIO to CIO series:

Fair warning – this series is for those who want to get to a slightly deeper level in some complex topics. Our discussions are still at a strategic level – we aren’t ‘in the weeds”.   But we don’t simply “skim the surface”.  The length and the depth of the discussion may go beyond what you are used to in typical internet videos.  So I’ve broken them up into bit sized chunks at about 6 minutes each.  Grab a cup of coffee.  Close the door and let some of Gartner’s leading analysts bring you up to date on key issues.